The Ranger

Seth R. is a 13 year old student. He is a journalism student as of this year. He is in in 8th grade and went to Darby for 7th grade. One of his teachers last year recommended he did Journalism this year and he is enjoying it so far.

     He is a christian and has been for most of his life. He spends a lot of time listening to music and watching anime. More often than not he will be in his Discord if hes not doing either of the first two things . He manages multiple peoples discords for them, as well as setting up completely new servers for them for a payment of $5. Discord is a site where people can set up their own servers and people can join. Some people in servers get special ranking with more permissions.

     He am most definitely not much of a gaming guy. However he is a big fan of one game in specifically. Destiny the taken King, and Destiny 2. So basically 2 games actually. Anyways these are what he does in his free time when he is bored.

Seth R., Reporter

Feb 08, 2019
Teacher Profile – Mrs. Lacy Allen (Story)
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Seth R.