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Rachelle S.
Rachelle is 15 years old also  1/2  of the "twinz "followed by 15 other brothers and sisters. She is the third oldest, a 9th grader, and plans to be a makeup artist and hairstylist. If these plans fall through then she plans to be a criminal lawyer. That’s why she is taking journalism to help her be prepared in the future.Rachelle said that it is always important to have a contingency plan so you have something else to fall back on.

Rachelle spends time doing hair and makeup for her family and friends. She plays lawyer in the family, deciding who's guilty and who's innocent. She spends time listening to rap, r&b and instrumental music and unwinding  for the next day. Spongebob is her husband - when she feels down and drained she watches Spongebob. Spongebob makes her day and makes her feel better.

Rachelle S., Rporter

Oct 04, 2018
Eyebrow tutorial (Story)
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Rachelle S.