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Mackenzie H.
Mackenzie, a 9th grade Darby student, hopes for a good year with relationships, grades, and overall happiness. She absolutely loves art, and hopes she can make that into a career.  Her general goal, however, is to get into college and become a Pixar animator. Mackenzie normally spends her free time drawing and animating, with the exception of petting her dogs.

Writing is one of Mackenzie's favorite hobbies too, so Journalism is not only more than an easy task, it’s enjoyable! Honestly, she would rather read than be on social media, because socializing is for the norm. She honestly hates sports, but she makes up for it with her love of animals; she walks, feeds, waters, and cleans her dogs regularly, including the animals she meets at the Humane Society. Mackenzie is a busy girl, but luckily she likes doing her "chores".

Mackenzie H., Reporter

Feb 08, 2019
Teacher Profiles – Ms. Elizabeth House (Story)
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Mackenzie H.