The Ranger

Everyone has a interesting point, and a thirteen year old brunette is no different. Her name is Julia, and for the past three years, she's had her mind set on one primary goal. To get a degree in animation. Even when she was little, she absolutely adored the fine arts: music, writing, art. It all was a part of what made her, herself. Every year, her skills would improve. It started out as stick figures, quarter notes, and shaky "A"'s, but over the course of time they evolved. Stick figures transformed themselves into realistic faces, portraying emotions ranging from loss to bliss.  Quarter notes ran about, becoming lost in a sea of other musical  symbols. Then lastly, there was her writing. Adjective after adjective, noun after noun, she improved. Julia was no longer "simple" or "average" in the things that she did. She loved to believe that she excelled.  In fact, she adored the thought.

Julia, Reporter

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