The Ranger

2014-2015 Staff

Darrius McGill

Die hard sneaker fan.. All about family, education, sports, & loyalty.. See me in the classroom and on the court ..

Brenna Cooksey

I picked #stealtheshow because everything I do I try to do my best and steal the show. When I cheer, play basketball, or do classwork I always do my best. The people around me are my motivation because I want to be better than the rest.

Cameron Flores

I'm a very active person with a fun-loving personality. I love music, dancing, parties, and being with/hanging out with my family and friends. My hobbies are cliff diving, biking, hiking, and sports. I know I might seem real outdoorsy, but I actually...

Destiny Sims

I am in 9th grade and I am a fun, nerdy, creative chick that everyone knows as Dee. My three best friends are Alexxis Rainey, Janet Ramirez, and Destinee Hatter. We look out for each other, from boy trouble to personal problems. I have many hobbies but...

Calyssa Burger

I enjoy making people laugh and being around people who have an positive attitude. Pizza is life, life wouldn't be complete without pizza. I want to move to Hawaii when I get older. It looks so beautiful and peaceful there.

Nick Thomas

I like Tic-Tacs. That's pretty much it. Were you expecting more or something?

Shyana Hall

#bowsoverbros I am a Darby Ranger Cheerleader!! Hopefully future Northside Cheer! Smile for the camera. :) I absolutely  love to take photos. <3

Montrez Mister

My name is Montrez Mister and I go to Darby Junior High. I'm in the ninth grade and I write for the Darby newspaper staff. I play sports for the Darby athletics program and I plan on going to college in the future. I've been to Darby for all of my junior...

Mariah Cripps

I promise 5 minutes with me & I can make you laugh. I'm a freshmen. Random is one word that describes me. I've been a Belieber since 2009. Rebecca Gonzales is my Bestie for the Restie.. Leticia Salinas s my wifey for lifey. I listen...

Samantha Drake

I love Unicorns and bananas.       :) I am a very nice person as long as you're nice to me. I love to skateboard and listen to music. I also love to play basketball, no matter how bad I am at it. I am a very good kicker; I like to play football...

Jamarri Freeman

My football and basketball and a Nike hoodie. It explains me well because I play both sports and always wear Nike hoodies!

Mirian Gomez

Hey, it's me, Mirian Gomez. I'm in 8th grade at Darby Junior High. I'm a fun and energetic person.  I'm nice... sometimes. I love hanging out with friends, my family, and 1D posters. I'm in journalism.

Ashleigh Jones

I love playing the violin and I enjoy coming to school every day and seeing friendly and familiar faces.

Dayzha Lawrence

Dayzha Lawrence, 8th grade. I like school and I like to help people. My five best friends are Makaela Campbell, Janessa Richardson, Jasmine May, Alexis Rainey, and Rynecka Alexander. My friends have always been there for me and I love them. I want to...

Deja Lawrence

Hi! My name is Deja Lawrence, obviously. Ha! I'm a 9th grader. I'm a very outgoing person who loves to make people laugh. I'm a very happy person. My favorite subject is math and I love to sing. 

Emily Loarca

Emily Loarca, 8th, I am very respectful. I also care for others. I care for my family. I love school, also I'm nice and I'm not selfish. I sometimes can't stop laughing when people do or say funny things. I'm quiet and I treat teachers with a lot of respect....

Grace Lopez

Hello, and welcome to my profile. I hope you enjoy your stay. Let's begin the tour: My name is Grace Lopez, I'm in 9th grade at Darby Junior High. I love writing, drawing, and listening to music. I love dogs, and I have 3. I'm excited to be in Journalism,...

Cassandra McLaughlan

Hi, My name is Cassandra McLaughlan. :) I really enjoy drawing, listening to music & vining. :) Whenever I'm not in school, I usually hang out with friends, converse with family, or die of chest pains because One Direction exists.

Andrew Naranjo

I'm a Freshman at Darby. I'm cool as heck! I also like all sports besides golf. I love my family, friends, and girlfriend!

Daisy Ortega

Daisy Ortega, 8th, I am a very care-free person. I love to take risks and try out new things. I like to make people laugh, and if somebody does something funny I'm usually the loudest laughing. I love  music: rap and pop. My friends and I are always ...

Maria Palafox

I am a freshman, shy but funny. I like math. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love taking care of my sister's kids, although they are a pain. I hate drama/fights.

Zumauri Releford

I am a very hardworking student. I'll do anything to get a job complete. It also explains the talent and the smartness.

Bethany Settle

HI! my name is Bethany and I love 5SOS, 1D, UJ, and pewdiepie. I enjoy being on tumblr and watching netflix. My favorite shows are Criminal Minds and Adventure Time. Spencer Reid and Finn all the way. XD

Skyler Stout

I have one hand, and I love it. I like sports, doing dares, and also doing crazy stuff. I'm all about breaking my phones and hanging with the squad.

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