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2018-2019 Staff

Bo S.


Bo is a 9th grade student who plays a lot of video games. He skates and bikes around but half the time he walks. The things he enjoys are keeping to himself, chilling with his friends, and hanging out. He doesn't do or ask for much. And most of the time he tries to ...

Josue P.


Josue was born in Mount Vernon, Texas. He is the youngest child out of four in his family. Everyone calls him the baby.  Josue's favorite food is Chinese, or Mexican because that is what he mostly ate growing up. His favorite sport is soccer bec...

Alex P.


Alex is a 14 year old that loves anime, and is a YouTuber who cosplays for Youtube. He has also studied boxing for a year. Most of his Darby friends are leaving this year. He used to play soccer,  but stopped to change sports.  ...

Jaxon R.


Jaxon is a 15 y/o 9th grade kid who enjoys hanging out with friends and listening to NBA Youngboy, Quando Rondo. His favorite thing to do is sleep, and "conversate with the females.” His favorite shows are Trailer Park Boys, Rick and Morty, and River...

Xavier H.


Xavier is a gymnast at Flame Gymnastics.  He is a level five gymnast. Level five is the second gymnastics level that gymnasts are required to compete.  Level five is a compulsory level, so each gymnast does the same routine.  He is currently in a family of ...

Anthony S.


Anthony doesn't feel he is good at writing for journalism, but he is going to try to do it. Anthony is 14 year old and in 9th grade.  He watches lots of anime. He loves to play Fortnite with his homies. He likes listening to $uicideboy$. Anthony's favo...

Jala J.


Jala is a 9th grade journalism student.  She is also a part of the Darby dance team. Jala enjoys spending time with her family skating. Jala has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Jala's personal interests are becoming a lawyer, traveling, and becoming a United Sta...

Astrid R.


Astrid R. is 13 years old. She is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this year’s journalism class. Some of her hobbies consist of the following: baking, playing the piano, tumbling, and watching Netflix and Youtube. She was born in San Diego, Cali...

Mekiyah M.


Mekiyah is a 9th grader; this is her first year of journalism. Mekiyah likes eating a lot of food and playing on her phone. Her favorite subject is English because she like to talk a lot. She babysits some of her cousins and she loves them a lot . Meki...

Jourdynn W.


Jourdynn is an 8th grader. This is her first year of journalism. Jourdynn's hobbies are playing on her phone and she enjoys doing hair. Her favorite subject is math, she is also good at science. This is her first year at Darby. She recently moved from T...

Dalton C.


Dalton Cantu is no doubt an interesting character. He's knowledgeable and generous with a good sense of humor, but serious when there's something that needs to be said or done. He likes video games more than anything in the world, except family. He lives...

Seth R.


Seth R. is a 13 year old student. He is a journalism student as of this year. He is in in 8th grade and went to Darby for 7th grade. One of his teachers last year recommended he did Journalism this year and he is enjoying it so far.      He is a c...

Amiyah C.


This is Amiyah. She is 14, in eighth grade, lives in Fort Smith, and goes to Darby. She has four sisters, one older and three younger (Tyleah, Alexis, Emma, and Nevaeh). She also has two brothers, one older and one younger (Kane and Tyler). Tyleah, h...

Douglas D.


Douglas is a 16 year old 9th grade student at Darby Junior High School. He has a great group of friends who always support each other. Douglas likes to play Fortnite as do most kids his age. He likes to watch movies including Deadpool, Half Baked, and Deadp...

Mackenzie H.


Mackenzie, a 9th grade Darby student, hopes for a good year with relationships, grades, and overall happiness. She absolutely loves art, and hopes she can make that into a career.  Her general goal, however, is to get into college and become a Pixar...

Jose P.


Jose likes to do nothing because it’s fun. Jose likes to play Fortnite. He play's for hours. His favorite show to watch is The Flash ("It’s my favorite!"). Jose's favorite food is tacos because they are so good with the spicy sauce on them. H...

Manuel O.


Alexis R.


Alexis Register is a 9th grade student. She is a part of student council and National Junior Honor Society. She hopes to go to UAFS in the first semester. After that she is not sure where she wants to attend. She would like to be a writer, an athlete...

Rachelle S.


Rachelle is 15 years old also  1/2  of the "twinz "followed by 15 other brothers and sisters. She is the third oldest, a 9th grader, and plans to be a makeup artist and hairstylist. If these plans fall through then she plans to be a criminal lawyer. Th...

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