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Shelby is an all around good and bad student. But Shelby really knows how to stay in task and finish work fast! Shelby is a very fun person but sometimes she gets carried always and gets in trouble. Shelby will always do her work and talk when she can...

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Joni's birthday is in April. Joni is an inside person and she also has a boyfriend named Hayden. Her favorite song is "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy. Her best friend is Leny and she has six brothers and one sister. She lives with her mother, step-father, and...

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Pablo is 15 years old. His hobbies are playing football and working. He was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. His favorite foods are tacos and pizza. His favorite subjects are math and history. Outside of school he likes to play football, go shopping, and...

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Jacklyn's favorite hobbies are eating, sleeping, playing softball, and watching TV. She enjoys the colors green, blue,  and black. Her favorite animal is a turtle. She has three older sisters and enjoys the show "American Horror Story." She has no pets....

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This is Taylor, but she goes by Tay. She is 14. She loves to draw and hang out with her best friend, Tristan. She lives with her grandparents and babysits her little nephew, Landon. She has a sister-in-law and two older brothers. She is always there for...

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Makayla says she likes being at Darby Jr. High to see her friends, and if she was given the choice to go to any school, she would choose Darby. "Shy, you can talk to me" is Makayla's six word memoir. Makayla's hobbies are listening to music, playing volley...

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Jersey is 14 years old. She loves playing basketball, her favorite sport, and reading in her free time. Jersey has no siblings. She also doesn't have any favorite TV shows. When she grows up she wants to be a professional basketball player. Jersey would...

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Tristan is very sweet, outgoing, and warm to be around. She is the youngest out of three children. Tristan has been going to Darby all 3 years. In her free time she reads and listens to almost all music. She will never let anyone down; she is very dependable....

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Kyan's favorite things are video games and creating weapons, just like any other 13-year-old boy. A song that, as of now, is stuck in his head is "Black Magic" by Little Mix. If given the choice, he'd dye his hair green "so I can look like the Joker."...

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He's in 8th grade. He likes the supernatural, as well as the TV shows. He likes to watch cartoons like the ones about those overrated cannibals and the space rocks ("Tokyo Ghoul" and "Steven Universe"). Although he might be a good artist now, he's only...

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Crey was born in Memphis. He likes to listen to metal and rap; he also loves skateboarding. He was homeschooled and he liked homeschooling more then normal school. He is a really cool person to hang out with.

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Zachary was born in Texas; he's a talkative, positive person. He's not a fan of music and spends a majority of his time playing video game. He plays games such as "Call of Duty." He's very easy to be friends with. He's smart, and an all-around cool guy...

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Lexus, also known as Lexi, is an 8th grader who enjoys skateboarding and sometimes plays video games in her spare time. During school, she spends her time socializing with her friends. Her dream job is to be a model, but for now, she plans on writing fo...

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Irene is a 9th grader from here in Fort Smith. Her hobbies are reading and playing video games. Her favorite colors are pink, white, and black. She has three sisters. Her passion is video games. Her favorite TV show is "The Big Bang Theory." She has no...

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Her name is Sy'Brialle. Sy's fave music is the typical teenage variety, rap and hip hop.  She says she doesn't like country music. Sy's favorite thing to do is watch Youtube. You could say she is an indoor person. She has been in homeschooling for the...

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Nicole loves to  take pictures and loves to write and read. And in the near future, she wants to be a photographer, a person who takes pictures. Her best friends are Guillermo,  Maria, Katelyn, Meghan W., and Meghan C. She loves to take time to read...

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       "Where is sleep, my bed's waiting!" This is Logan's six word memoir. Logan has two main hobbies. One of these hobbies are playing video games.  'Mass Effect 2' is his favorite  video game.  He has played the other game 'Mass Effect 1' and...

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Ashondre is a person who needs "fun." He's a comedian at heart but continues his career as a basketball player. Ashondre took interest in journalism because he likes to write about history. He loves the value of telling about his future, what he plans,...

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Jacob is  an energetic, fun-loving kid who loves to play video games and hang out with his friends. He loves dogs, rock-n-roll, and the TV show "Attack on Titan." His favorite color is scarlet and his favorite movie is "Pacific Rim" by "a long shot." Jacob...

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James is a bright soul that enjoys his T.V.  He loves mac and cheese pizza from CiCi's, and "The Perks of Being a Wall Flower." His favorite song is "Runnin' Home to You." by Grant Gustin.  The quote he lives by is "Life without love isn't living, it's...

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Elissa is a naturally-redheaded, quiet, 9th grader at Darby Junior High. She is a typical teenager who aspires to be a photographer when she gets older. She's sometimes shy, but a very unique individual. She thinks her best quality is her kindness towards...

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Guillermo is a very good student. When he grows up he wants to be a special education teacher. He wants to help students who need the help.  Another thing about Guillermo is he loves to spend time with his friends: Nicole Moore-Guerra, Meghan Wooldridge,...

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Ty was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He likes to play games like "Call of Duty." His favorite TV show is Family Guy. Ty likes listening to music on his phone or KISR 93. Mostly he listens to rock and hip hop. He likes following NASCAR racing and may be...

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Jasmine is a wholesome, kind being. She is nice and a bit strange.  She enjoys drawing, eating chocolate, and hanging with friends. "I am obsessed with BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys, Bulletproof Boy Scouts or Beyond The Scene)." She says she loves...

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8th grader J'veion is a very well-known person with a very unknown back story. He is a joker around everyone else, but on the court he is a workaholic basketball player who is serious about his future. The reason he wants to succeed in basketball is...

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