Students questioned about RTI’s helpfulness

Many students have different opinions about RTI. Some think it’s helpful and some think it isn’t helpful. RTI is for the students in a certain class that need to bring their grade up or for those who have missing assignments. The students that have everything complete or are doing well in every class get to choose to go to reward time for 20 minutes.

Mariah Cripps, ninth grader, doesn’t think 20 minutes is enough time. Cripps said “Sometimes you can’t get your work finished in time.”

I agree with her because sometimes even a whole class hour isn’t enough to finish all your work in time. Cripps thinks RTI should be at least a class period.

Is it truly helpful or do students take advantage and talk to their friends instead of doing their work? Cripps said, “Yes I think RTI is helpful because it gives us time to catch up on our work”. Many other students also agree with Cripps, they said if it wasn’t for RTI they would have been failing a class and having a lot of missing assignments.

However, other students disagree with Cripps. They do not think it’s helpful and is just a waste of time because some students don’t even show up to the class they were assigned to and go to a different class or with their friends. Should there even be any RTI? “Yes, because I think the kids with good grades should be rewarded,” said Cripps.

Obviously there are strong opinions on both sides. I think students should have a choice if they want to go to RTI or just go to their next class period, but other students think differently and we don’t have a choice so we just have to stick with it, until Dr. McKinney says that we have a choice.

RTI does seem to help some of the students that take it seriously and that care about their grades and assignments, but everyone has a different opinion. It will continue until it has been said that there will no more.