Teacher Profile – Ms. Kaci Dove


Aiden J., Reporter

When you think of an English teacher, most would think of Ms. Dove, either because she’s nice or somewhat young to be a teacher. Anyways, as you may know, Ms. Kaci Dove is a teacher here at Darby Junior High School who teaches 9th grade English. She used to live in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Greenwood, Louisiana.

Before she moved to Fort Smith, she was a student at Oklahoma State University. She says she never really got to stay long enough to actually keep her friends and says it was a blessing and a curse. She sees the world as full of too many people who will follow others blindly. “The world today needs to stop listening to what others say and start forming their own opinions. The only way we can get better is to stop hurting each other and start helping each other.”

Ms. Dove strongly believes in giving back to her community, and has done volunteer work in several cities she has lived in. She also owns a dog named Maple that she says she cannot live without. Ms. Dove says she doesn’t really have a favorite book even though she is an English teacher. She probably likes them all.

Ms. Dove taught for a year in Texas before coming to Arkansas “My first day as a teacher was terrifying. I remember getting my first class of 35 students and I was looking at all of them sitting in the desks and I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh.. what I tell these kids could make or break their opinion of English, writing, reading, other people, their future…. These kids are here and are watching me too see what I do and how I act. WHAT THE HECK I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IM DOING!’ It was a very humbling experience,” says Ms. Dove. She says the reason she chose to teach English as a subject is that it helps escape reality and you’re able to focus on the imagination right in front of you.

Ms. Dove says the reason she enjoys Fort Smith is that “the environment and the people I have met after moving here. Everyone welcomed me and did whatever they could to help and that was a great feeling for someone moving here with no family.” She loves her students here at Darby and says she will do whatever is in her power to help them and listen to their concerns.

She really does care for her job and enjoys teaching and inspiring students whom she hopes will enjoy her favorite subject as they continue on their journey through life. Ms. Dove really is an inspiring teacher.

Update: It has been announced that Ms. Dove will be taking over as the 2019-2020 Darby Cheerleading Sponsor.