Teacher Profile – Mr. Chad Parks


Malakiah M., Reporter

Chad Parks, our World History teacher here at Darby, always seems as if he leads a dull life, judging from his look and his common speaking tone. But contrary to popular belief, he actually has plenty of things he does and believes are fun.

“In my free time I find myself doing a number of things. Sometimes relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, working out, playing video games, and even reading (usually news/current events, occasionally novels).”

As a Fort Smith kid himself, he went to UAFS for his teaching degree, but also got some of his skills from hands-on experience, which was somewhat tied in with the curriculum. In fact, Darby is his first formal teaching job. After a semester of interning here, he was hired the very next semester.

Mr. Parks said he’s “living the dream” teaching at Darby. He is also very optimistic about the current semester. “The spring semester for ninth graders is always an interesting one. They have a mixture of relief to finally leave Darby and regret when realizing that they won’t get this time back.”

His opinion towards the students is quite profound. “Students seem to grow up as the semester goes on whether they want to or not.” He says that if he had the money, he would open up a “perpetually-funded animal sanctuary for all of the strays I see daily out in the cold.” As you can see, Chad Parks leads a rich and fulfilling life, doing what he loves, giving back to Fort Smith.