Teacher Profile – Coach Richard Bracken


Caleb G., Reporter

Most people get to go home after a long day at work and relax with their pets. Mr. Richard Bracken, a coach at Darby Junior High, doesn’t get the same pleasure. He owns no animals but his wife owns a cat and her cat enjoys having a nice bathroom break on a lot of his stuff. As you could imagine, he and his wife’s cat don’t get along well.

Coach Bracken is a Health and Safety teacher at Darby and he’s been teaching for 13 years or more. He’s been in a lot of situations but one of the scariest would be when he came to Darby to watch a game film one late Saturday night to prepare a scouting plan. “Lets just say someone else was in the gym yet no one else was here at school but me,” says Coach Bracken. “(I’m) not sure I am a big believer in ghosts, but that night definitely made me do some thinking.”

As for his most awkward situation he says “The most awkward situation would probably be when I was approached by a random person from off of the street when I was coaching 7th grade football. The guy came up to me and said he thought that a student here at Darby had taken his basketball shoes and he wanted to search the school to see if he could find them.”

Coach Bracken is a big fisherman. He has enjoyed fishing since he was five years old and he went fishing with his grandpa. He enjoys a lot of outdoor activities but fishing is his favorite. He enjoys home improvement projects and other outdoor activities. “I live in a small house…I do enjoy home improvement projects around the house. Probably enjoy outdoor improvements to patio etc. as compared to indoor home improvement projects.”