Teacher Profiles – Ms. Elizabeth House


Mackenzie H., Reporter

Teachers, such as Ms. Elizabeth House, have opinions just like the average person. She loves teaching, but there’s more to her life than that.

Ms. House has her own hobbies, like playing the piano, hiking, and simply playing with her dogs. She became a teacher because she likes being around teenagers, as they remind her of the past, and she loves math. What Ms. House likes most about teaching is “when someone who has been having trouble learning finally grows and learns with the help of their own knowledge.”

Not everything about teaching is completely peachy. “I simply dislike doing paperwork,” Ms. House says.

Many outside of education have strong opinions on the school system. Ms. House, like many teachers, has her own. She believes that there is, “too much standardized testing and not enough time to teach!”

Ms. House, of course, loves teaching. She was ready to try something new when she came to Darby, and she got it.

Sierra Kincheloe, a 9th grade geometry student, thinks “Ms. House is pretty cool!” Kincheloe claims she’s “not very good” at the math in Ms. House’s  class. She thought it was going to be as easy as Algebra 1, but, in her opinion, it defiantly was not. She enjoys the class, but, of course, she has to have her reasons! “It’s nice that (Ms. House) lets us listen to music and sit with our friends.” For any 8th graders that are going into her class, Kincheloe’s advice is: “Just don’t be too loud. Otherwise, it’s an okay class. Plus, geometry is a little more complicated than Algebra 1.” She generally likes her class, and encourages others to take it as well!