Teacher Profile – Mrs. Lacy Allen


Seth R., Reporter

Teachers work every day to help educate the youth. But do students ever take the time to learn about their lives outside of their jobs? Mrs. Lacy Allen is a 7th Grade math teacher at Darby Junior High, known to her students as Mrs. Allen.

Mrs. Allen became a teacher 12 years ago, and has only ever taught math. For a while she wanted to be a doctor, but life happened and she changed her mind. Then she wanted to be a biologist because she was extremely interested in biology. Eventually she changed her mind again, because she decided she wanted to become a teacher. At first she wanted to teach science, but she knew that she had a deeper love for math than science, so she decided to be a math teacher.

“I enjoy being a teacher because you never know what is going to happen next, every day is a new experience,” says Mrs. Allen. She loves spending time with her family, and she is also about to have a new member in the family! Mrs. Allen is expecting a new baby in March.

Andres Organista, a student at Darby Junior High said that he had Mrs. Allen last year, and thought she was an amazing teacher. He really liked how nice she was and how she rarely ever got frustrated. He said she is one of his favorite teachers in the school.