Teacher Profile – Ms. Angela Horton


Astrid R., Reporter

Mrs. Angela Horton is a science teacher here at Darby Junior High. Along with her passion for science, she loves many other things such as playing the piano, singing, gardening, and her family. Although she may just be a science teacher to us, to her family she is a very caring and lovable wife and mother.

Mrs. Horton is an eighth and ninth grade science teacher. The classes that she teaches are Physical Science and PreAP Physical science. Mrs. Horton teaches junior high students simply because, “…[it’s] where I found a job when I moved here! I can truthfully say after a year in, that I do enjoy it.”

Teaching was not always in her plans. “I was planning on becoming a physician,” says Mrs. Horton. “I got a job in college working in a hospital medical lab drawing blood.  After I saw the lifestyle of the doctors, I changed my mind.” She continued to work in health care, however. “I worked as a Medical Technologist for about 10 years then obtained my teaching certification in Texas.”

According to Mrs. Horton, “As far as an ‘academic’ subject…yes, [Science is my favorite.] But my favorite overall would be performing arts (music and theater – especially musical theater.)”

When asked to give some advice for students hoping to become a teacher in their future, she said the following: “You need to want to teach with a full heart. If you are not meant to do it, it will be miserable. I’ve seen it!”

Mrs. Horton likes many things about her job, but her favorite is the fact that she has the opportunity to, “…be creative and affect the future.”

Mrs. Horton’s family dynamic is very interesting, as well. ” We are so fun!  We enjoy spending time together and laugh all the time.  I have a musician, a soldier and a businesswoman as children.  Our son makes up songs and makes us laugh continually.  We discuss things together and it can get heated at times but we are respectful.”