Teacher Profile – Mr. Zachary Gramlich


Xavier H., Reporter

Mr. Zachary Gramlich is more than just a science teacher. He has many hobbies and talents.
“I like to hunt, fish, cook, and play video games in my free time,” says Mr. Gramlich. “I also like to spend time with my wife and animals.”
Mr. Gramlich went to college to become a science teacher. His experiences as a student made him want to become a teacher. “I had a really good teacher in high school and it made me want to do what he did, but I wanted to be a teacher before that, though.” He also said that he loves his kids, and he teaches junior high because, “It was the first job I got when I started applying for positions. (I) fell in love with the kids.” Mr. Gramlich has been an 8th grade science teacher for 3 years, and he treats the kids he teaches with respect and is always nice and patient with what he does. His advice for kids that want to become a teacher? “You should really consider being a teacher. The impact you get to make on students is pretty amazing and the time off is pretty nice too.”
Something interesting about Mr. Gramlich is even though he went to college to be a teacher, he didn’t go to college to be a science teacher. He said, “I originally wanted to teach biology at the high school level. However, the 8th grade content is okay, but the kids are awesome.” Mr. Gramlich is also very family oriented. According to him, “We have a pretty close knit family. My sister goes to Arkansas State and is in band. My mom and dad live in town. Dad works for Frito Lay and my mom works for the hospital. She types reports for doctors. I’m also pretty close with my uncles.”