Teacher Profile – Mrs. Carla Byars


Alexis R., Reporter

Some people believe that Mrs. Carla Byars is a really strict teacher when they first meet her, but once you get to know her you find out she is a fun and caring teacher.  Mrs. Byars taught for 20 years in Fort Smith; three at Kimmons and the rest here at Darby.

“I decided to teach, honestly, because I wanted a noble profession and I also wanted to have enough time to spend with my family,” says Mrs. Byars.
“Teaching is interesting and the relationships with other teachers as well as the relationships with students are what is fulfilling. If you love people and want to make a difference in your community, then be a teacher.”

She believes in teaching, but doesn’t recommend it for everyone.

“Teaching is a wonderful profession, but you really do not make much money doing it,” Mrs. Byars says. “When I was younger, this did not bother me much. But now that I am older, I see that people in other professions have continued to get raises and make much more money than I do.

Her goal is to teach at least until she is 60 years old and right now she is 56, but she might teach longer. “I think the teacher has to be cheerful and happy to see the students every day so students feel comfortable in the room. Then, when the students are comfortable, they can learn.”

Mrs. Byars feels that students face many challenges. “(It’s a challenge) being connected to technology all the time, (to have) 24/7 availability to connect to friends and the Internet. (Students are) being tested too much and teachers can’t do anything about that, and they don’t realize the importance of their education and mess around too much.”