Humans of Darby – Xavier H.


A. Roll

Astrid R., Reporter

“My favorite hobby is gymnastics. I am a level five gymnast. You level up by how you perform at competitions and the ability you have to learn new skills. I am very involved in this sport because I go to the gym four times a week. I put aside about three or four hours a day to work on it.”

“My perfect day would consist of simply watching Youtube and not having to worry about school.”

“Darby is pretty cool. It is very diverse, and the teachers are chill. I am in the after school club, Quiz Bowl. Quiz Bowl is pretty awesome because it gives you a great way to interact with smart people, and work as a group to accomplish what you need. If I could make one change about the school, I would make it one story. It is already a lot of walking.”

Xavier H., 8th grade