Humans of Darby – Astrid Roll


Xavier H., Reporter

“Some of my hobbies are piano, cheer, and Quiz Bowl. For piano, I have been playing for seven years now so I am pretty invested. Every day, I practice piano for up to two hours, but that time frequently changes.”

“My perfect day would be pretty chill. I would like the weather to be rainy and cold, and all I would do is stay inside and watch Netflix.”

“I like Darby a lot. I only got here about 10 months ago because I moved in the middle of the year from San Diego, California, but I have enjoyed my experience here so far. The main extra curricular activity hosted at the school that I am in is Quiz bowl. If I could change one thing about Darby, I would probably change how long the passing periods are. Currently, they are about four minutes, but I would like to make them more like seven or eight. I feel like it may give students more of a break between classes so they can refresh their minds.”