Darby’s 2018-2019 Quiz Bowl Team


Pencils in a pot, computer artwork.

Xavier H. and Astrid R.

Melissa Walker, Darby’s GATE teacher, has successfully recruited the members of Darby’s 2018-2019 Quiz Bowl team! The members of the new team consist of the following students: Chris Martinez, Mayeli Rivas, Samantha Reeves, Xavier Haynes, Astrid Roll, Jake Cloud, Greg Allen, Emma Black and Tanner Slusher. Quiz Bowl is, as Mrs. Walker puts it, “…four rounds of questions that are like Trivial Pursuit, with one round of fast lightning questions.”

Although Quiz Bowl may seem like something that may be hard to get into and succeed in, according to Chris Martinez, “You just have to, when you join, don’t bring in any negativity. You got to bring in determination and positivity. You got to work hard, and you got to try hard. Do your best, esketit.”

Returning players have good advice for beginners in Quiz Bowl. “Don’t be afraid to buzz in. Try to specialize in one thing,” says Martinez. Another veteran player, Emma Black, suggested that one of the most useful things to do is to “…study as hard as you can within one of your favorite subjects, or even one of your least favorite subjects, so you can get better at it. It would be useful to know what questions you can, and can’t, answer [so you know your limits].”

Many of these students have been in Quiz Bowl for several years. For example, Samantha Reeves has been in Quiz Bowl for, “two years in junior high, and four in elementary school. Six all together.”

However, many kids are newer to the Quiz Bowl world. For some students, this is their first year in this extracurricular activity. At the beginning of each year, any student who wishes to join the team may try out. Depending on how many questions you answer correctly, and whether or not you are willing to work hard determines if you make the team or not.

An example of the questions that you may be asked are math computations. A question may ask the following: “The sum of two consecutive integers is 87. Express this statement as an algebraic equation that uses the variable x.” If you knew the answer, you would then buzz in and wait for your name to be called, then you would say your answer. If you get the question correct, you will get points. Like most games, the team with the most points can claim the title of “Winner.”

Although being knowledgeable will be very useful and important to being a successful Quiz Bowl team, it is not the only important quality. Teamwork is very important, as well. According to Mayeli Rivas, “If you don’t have teamwork, your team won’t work… at all.”

The Quiz Bowl team also partakes in competitions. About once or twice a month, the team goes to another school to compete. The first tournament takes place at Chaffin on Tuesday, October 9th at 3:30.

In conclusion, Darby’s Quiz Bowl team is enjoyable and educational, but it does take a lot of commitment to the sport. The 2018-2019 Darby Quiz Bowl team is already having an amazing start and will only improve from here!