Eyebrow tutorial


Amiyah C. and Rachelle S.

When it comes to eyebrows and makeup everybody has their own opinion on it. For example some people like longer eyebrows, or thick bushy eyebrows, or skinny eyebrows. 

Some people don’t like to do their eyebrows because their skin is too oily above and around the area. Some don’t do it because they don’t like makeup. Some people that do their eyebrows can honestly use some help so here’s some tips and tricks on what to do with your eyebrows. 

Beyonce Knowles

Let’s use Beyonce for example, her eyebrows are dark brown and don’t have an arch, they are just round at the top. They’re not bushy, and have a sharp end. Kim Kardashian, takes two hours to do her makeup. Her eyebrows are brown and thin (on some days) Do you think that’s too long for Kim to do her makeup? do you think it should only take 15-30 minutes to do your eyebrows? 

Jolie Brake is a 9th grader. She has a shorter, streamlined routine for her eyebrows. “I like my eyebrows long and skinny. I do them every day and it only takes me three minutes,” says Brake. “I outline them first, then fill them in. I prefer using powder.” But Brake has challenges also. “I can’t get them even!” she says. “But if I don’t do them, you can’t see them.”

Kim Kardashian

Kaleigh Reed is 14 and a 9th grade student, at Darby. She has thick long eyebrows. “I like my thick, long eyebrows.” Reed says she only does her eyebrows “whenever necessary.”  Reed said, “Most people use powder, but I use pencil.” Reed takes less than ten minutes to do her eyebrows. “I only take eight minutes. I’m not Kim.” She also has issues with her eyebrows. She says “My eyebrows are SO uneven” When asked why she even bothers doing her eyebrows, she replied, “Because it makes my face come together when I do my makeup.”

We also talked to Bre Smith, we asked her about her eyebrows. She does her eyebrows everyday before she goes to work. “I  like long eyebrows, and I like them thick or skinny, depending on how I feel in the morning,” said Smith.  “It takes me a while (to do my eyebrows), because if your eyebrows don’t look right nothing does. I don’t have any real problems with my eyebrows. When I do, it  is because I barely have any eyebrows.”