Student Council Works for Darby


SyBrialle S. and Alexis R.

Student Council has officially begun for the 2018-2019 school year. Many students have joined this year, and elections are now happening. You can see all of the posters in the hallways. Here are some responses from a student and a Student Council adviser.

Ms. Dove, one of the advisers for Student Council said’ “To help students be a voice within the school” is the reason why she helps out in Student Council. She also believes that students should join Student Council for three reasons: “Great learning opportunities, looks good on application, and to make a difference.” Her main goal for the students in Student Council is to “be positive leaders and school changers.”

Maria Valdez is in Student Council  “to see examples of good leaders and try to be a leader myself.” She also thinks Student Council will help prepare her.  “It could help me with organizing events” she said. Valdez hopes her contribution to Student Council “could make it a place where students want to come.”

Throughout the year Student Council holds several events. These events include two dances (fall and spring), the Veterans Day assembly, Spirit Week, and Paint the Park Pink. Along with events, they also cheer on the Darby Rangers at games. They make posters, sell bracelets, get the crowd hyped and more.

In conclusion, the main goal of the members of Student Council is to constantly improve Darby.