Review : Outback Steakhouse

AJ, Reporter

The most economical food at Outback Steakhouse would have to be the “Grilled Chicken on the Barbie” it is seasoned and wood-fire grilled right in their own kitchen. The most splurgy food at Outback Steakhouse for their aussie-tizers would be their “Seared Peppered Ahi (regular)” which is $11.49. For their signature steaks it would be the “Victoria’s Filet (8 oz.), and the Ribeye (14 oz.)”.  In their combinations it would be the “Filet and Lobster Tail (6 oz.)” which is $25.99. Although the wait for your food may take a while it is always well worth the wait, because the service is really good.

The price range is usually around $2.99 to $25.99 it really all depends on what you eat. Some people say that they have really good food. At Outback Steakhouse the employees’ do their best to make sure the restraunt stays clean and that you have great tasting food to eat, as well as they have good service. Seventh grader Liliana Ramey said “I love going there because they have really good food and service as well as they have a clean restraunt. I really feel like the employees’ put a lot of hard work into doing their jobs. Almost every time I go there  it usually takes a while for them to get me my food, but however it is really worth the wait. I love Outback Steakhouse although it’s not my favorite.”

Robin Powell an employee of Outback Steakhouse said “I love working there even though I am only a preparation cook, I work all kinds of different shifts. They are really good about fixing my work schedule to where it goes around my time with my family. Since I have been there I have made several new friend, who are really good friends to me. All the employees’ here at Outback Steakhouse are extremely friendly, and are really good friends as well as hard workers’. At Outback Steakhouse we do our best to keep the restraunt clean as well as getting the food ready to be cooked and ready for everything to be cleaned at the end of the day.”