Band Marches in Rodeo Parade

Deauna, Reporter

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Angela Clark the band director at Darby Jr. High says ” The Rodeo Parade will start at 10am on  Monday May 29, 2017, the band will leave at 7:15am and return to Darby at 10:45am.” Mrs. Clark says, “Students will need to be there wearing their black pants, black socks, band t-shirt, and Bando shoes.” she says ” Parents please be ready to pick up your child at 10:45am.” Mrs. Clark says, ” What I enjoy most about the parade is the fact that we combine with Kimmons and Northside.” She says, ” what I will enjoy the least about the parade is the horse poop.” Clark says, ” The parade lets students build relationships with Northside and kimmons and they develop the skill of marching and playing.” Mrs. Clark says ” This is a required performance, if you don’t attend your grade will suffer!”

Cole Darter, a 8th grader at Darby who plays the Oboe says, “I’m really looking forward to getting to hangout with my friends at the parade.” He also says, “I am not really looking forward to stepping in horse poop, but to be honest i kind of feel like the parade will be a waste of time and energy. Besides that the parade will be boring.” Darter says ” The parade will be beneficial to students because we will learn how to march and play.”

Isabella Pope, a 9th grader at Darby who plays the Clarinet says,       ” I enjoy that I get to hang out with my friends at the parade.” Pope also says  ” I don’t like the distance that we walk.” She says ” We get to meet new people from Kimmons and Northside.”