Fallout 4 Review.

Jacob, Reporter

Although Fallout 4 is old by reviewer standards, it still deserves another look due to the final DLC being released back in August of 2016. Fallout 4 is a Role Playing Game (RPG). That means that your character starts out weak and, through gaining experience by killing and practicing, becomes stronger as the game goes on.

Weapons have randomized stats and locations so you are always on the hunt for ammunition and better weapons that suit your play style.Weapons range from a collectors edition baseball bat, to a high powered sniper rifle with a 8x scope. Armour and Power Armour are also scattered around the world for you to find. This game is not a mindless killing game, the story is that america and china joined into a nuclear war, destroying the earth and most of its inhabitants. You and your family are rushed to a nuclear vault conveniently right up the hill from your home. You are then tricked into going into a machine and frozen for 210 years. From then on you discover some terrible deeds that took place and embark on a adventure to save your son.

The game world is huge and full of intractable NPC’s (Non Player Characters) That you can get side quests for and earn gear from.