Lady Ranger Volleyball team

Lady Ranger Volleyball team

Makayla, Reporter

Recently the Lady ranger volleyball team had help try outs in the boys gym.  The lady rangers have already started practicing a little bit. The practices will be  picked up on the second week in June.

Normally no one can come and watch the practices. Little brothers and sisters. If anyone wants to come and watch they have to talk to the coach, Mrs. Peer, ahead of time. The practices will be here at Darby 1 pm-3 pm.  On Mondays, Wednesday,  and Fridays.

Mrs. Cassie Peer, the coach of the lady ranger volleyball team says the worst part of being a coach is “Cutting good kids from the team. Its hard and not fun at all.” Coach peers favorite part of being a coach is “Proably the team spirit and getting to see the girls grow over the years!”

Mrs. Peer feels that the team could really work on the fundamentals. Such as passing and serving. She feels that the team mostly has down the family atmosphere. “They all work really well together,” coach peer says she will not be picking a team captain. All though, she believes one may take the roll as leader of the team.

“My favorite part of being on the team is working together with my teammates. ” Caroline Elizabeth King, a volleyball player on the team says. “Volleyball has always been a ‘family sport’ so I decided to give it a try,”

She looks forward to there team treating each other like a family. All though, she hates how bad the competition can get.”we could work on work on thinking on the same level. and working on technique,” Caroline also believes that they are great at being like a family. They can work easily together.

“My favorite part of being on  the team is being able to laugh with the girls on the team.” Faith Allison, A volleyball player, on the team says. ” I wanted to join the team because I love to play the sport and you get to meet new people.”

Faith is looking forward to being a family with a team. “Even if we don’t get a win, we learn something,” She believers the team needs to stay more positive and not talk about each other. Faith feels the team needs to improve on talking and attitude. She feels the team mostly has hitting and serving down.

The list of names below are girls who made the team for next year.

  • Faith Allison
  • Megan Brewer
  • Deysy Esquivel
  • Caroline King
  • Karla Lopez
  • Gabby Lunsford
  • Eboni Morris
  • Tykuria Thomas
  • Janet Vargas
  • Brianna Gimes
  • Lianna Gimes
  • Kealie Harrison
  • Keyairr Johnson
  • Latia Johnson
  • Aaliyah Jordan
  • Tanijah Mayes-smith
  • Jahnesha Mcgill
  • Jordan O’Neal
  • Tyletha Perry
  • Kayla Posasda
  • Lillianna Ramey
  • Ahamaiya Ramsey
  • Thalia Santos
  • Jennika walter