Call of Duty WW2 Review


Joshua, Reporter

The new Call of Duty, Call of Duty World War two is the new first person shooter,coming out November 3, 2017,published by Activision, and created by Sledgehammer. It is a breath taking experience that redefines World War two for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Day  and battle across Europe through iconic locations in histories  most monumental war. There is a huge amount of call of duty games,and it seems like they come out with a new one every year.

Activision had a big impact on the call of duty series especially with call of duty black ops three, which came out last year. First Treyarch came out with the earlier cods such as black ops two, and the ones before that. So, so many companies have made a big impact on the call of duty history, so many people have been playing the call of duties because of how easy it is too learn to play.

Call of duty world war two is probably going to be a really popular game in the community, since it is the newest one. Call of duty is one of the most popular games played, each call of duty has gotten better, and better. Different kinds of gaming communities are joining together to create more call of duty games for the people who actually love to play them. World War two is one of our greatest wars, so they decided to make it into a video game, so people could see what the war was like, and see the action with their own eyes.

Activision and other gaming communities thought that it would be good for the public to base a call of duty game off from a really well known battle. Call of duty world war 2 is only for next gens which are Xbox one,PlayStation four, and Microsoft Windows. Sledgehammer games take the call of duty franchise back to its roots, private beta will be   available for PlayStation four. The call of duty franchise has took a big turn during the following call of duty games, a lot more people started to play them.