Pokemon Sun/Moon Review

Pokemon Sun/Moon Review

Irene, Reporter

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the second best-selling 3DS game with around 15 million copies sold, is still popular even after around 6 months of being released. Pokemon Sun and Moon brings a fresh story line, new mechanics, and much more. Being a brand new generation there has to be new villains, characters, and etcetera. Spoilers will try to be avoided as much as possible!

“I really like the take on the new villains” says Julia Riviera. The new villains are actually much different than the old ones. Team Skull is their name, and they’re a stereotypical gang with a lot of humor mixed in. Team Skull pokes fun of themselves and even says things that could be considered breaking the fourth wall. Overall, the new villains make a pretty ‘cool’ gang and they’re pretty humorous.

The characters are also a great part of the game. A few characters are brought back from old games, and many new characters are introduced to the new story as well. The old characters aren’t part of the story line, but they are a small and pleasant surprise to many players who played Pokemon before generation 7 (Pokemon Sun/moon). The new characters also a great addition, and many love the them.

Game mechanics are also important. The way they are introduced, it allows new players to slowly learn how to play with new mechanics and people who get the just of it, can quickly get skip through text to try it themselves. “I like that you can design your own character” says Natalie Ortiz. The game doesn’t choke you with all the new mechanics at once, but gives them to you slowly, letting you get used to it.

Alolan Pokemon are also something new too. The game introduces around 80 new Pokemon, which now leaves 802 in the entire game. That was a long way from the original 150. “The Alolan forms are really cool too” says Natalie. Speaking of new Pokemon, shouldn’t Alolan forms count as well? Alolan forms are Pokemon from previous games but given a new ability, typing, move set, and look.

Overall, the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Sun and Moon, is a great game that introduced many new things which brings the players to enjoy the unique gameplay that has never been seen before in other games of the series. I give the game an 8/10. It’s upsetting that you need another ‘game’ named Pokebank to transfer Pokemon that aren’t available in generation 7, and it’s annoying knowing that certain move tutors were removed from the game. Other than that, the game is great and made many improvements. The game even got good ratings from many websites.

IGN: 9/10 – “Like re-reading a favorite book in an unfamiliar place, Pokemon Sun and Moon combine a lot of my favorite things about Pokemon into an adventure that reminded me why I fell in love with this RPG series in the first place”

Metacritic: 87%

Trusted Reviews: 9/10 – “Sun and Moon feel like the brilliant culmination of years of streamlining mechanics and presentation.”

The game is around $40 at most stores for 3DS or 2DS. If you like RPGs and you haven’t played this one, it’s a highly recommended game, so play it!