Summer Fashion


Ryan, Reporter

It’s almost summer, and that means throwing those winter clothes in the closet and getting out the summer fashion. Getting out the fashionable clothes for a hot day might be a little hard considering that those clothes were from last year, and you might need to throw some out for some new summer trends.

A good idea to get your summer clothes sorted is to go through all of your clothes and separate the ones you want, and the ones you want to give or throw away.  Another thing you might want to do is to look at the clothes you want to throw away, and renew them. There are tons of DIY’s to look through to make your older clothes look better for the summer.

One thing to consider is the heat and usually people dress casually. And people as well do things with their hair to keep from the heat.

“I usually keep my hair short or up in a pony tail mostly off my neck,” says 8th grader Tristan Panduro. “I usually wear Adidas shorts and a cute little top like a crop top.”

Some people as well like to put on a little makeup and throw their hair up so the heat won’t be as crucial.

Vanessa Gonzalez in eighth grade says,” I usually braid it, put in a pony tail, or in a bun, any hairstyle that will get my hair out of my face, and my favorite makeup trend for summer is the dark red matte lip.”

For boys it’s quite easier to find a good outfit for summer. Usually something light to wear, but from personal experience wearing jeans in the middle of summer was a big mistake.

” I wear some shorts of any kind and wear a muscle shirt or a tank top.” Said Jose Ramirez in ninth grade.

There are obviously a lot of places to shop at for summer clothes, but some of my personal favorites are Rue21 and Pacsun. Rue21 has a wide variety in clothing for boys and girls, and if you catch them at a good time you can get some of the best deals for pretty cheap. Pace in on the other hand has some really awesome clothes, but with a low budget it’s hard to shop there because it can get expensive. Pacsun has some amazing swim suits, and other variety of clothing. If your budget is super low, going to Savers and renewing clothing can be fun, and just flat out cheap. You can find some really expensive clothing in there for really cheap, but you just have to really look.

Lastly, fashion is a personal interest or a hobby, fashion is something that expresses you, so if you really like that crop top, or that really cute shirt. Get it for you because you do, not others because everyone else like it. Express yourself.