Skyrim Special Edition Reveiw

Skyrim Special Edition Reveiw

Teddie, Reporter

Skyrim Special Edition is mostly the same as the Skyrim that came out in 2011.

However it adds more detail to game and added god rays.

Over all I enjoyed the game as I played it. The game has mods that you can download.

Here is what others had  to say.

“Pretty good” from Jacob he also said

“killing stuff” was fun.


I rate the game with 9/10.

The story line takes you across all Skyrim and to Shor nord god of the under world.

to kill evil dragon lord.

The DLC is pretty good to the 1st one makes so you can build your own home.

2nd one makes it so you can join the dawn guard and kill vampires lords.

3rd on makes it so you can kill or save the first dragon born.

which gets new land to explore.

Elder scrolls V skyrim is a game that is either you like it or dont.