Review of The Last Guardian


Malea, Reporter

The Last Guardian is a single-player action packed video game by Sony. The game’s first adventure took place before the game was even released. A description of the game was released in 2009, saying that the game should come out in 2011. The game didn’t actually come out until December 6, 2016. The game was so late that people started thinking it was never going to get finished or wasn’t coming out at all. The developers had several technical difficulties with the hardware, and several team members left the project. All these things caused the delay.

In the game, you solve puzzles with your friend named Trico, who is a giant cat-bird. It takes strategy to move around the game environment, because Trico cannot fit in tight spaces. You build a companionship with Trico as you complete the storyline.

My opinion is through out the game I got attached to Trico. The graphics are amazing as well as the storyline, but I don’t agree with how clumsy the 1st person character is (a little boy) and how the camera is never centered with him. This game is not an online game, so cannot be played with other players.

Other reviews of this game are:

IGN, a website devoted to the video game and entertainment industry, gave it a 7/10. It talked of stunning outdoor visuals and an emotional attachment to the companion, but drab interiors and problem camera angles.

Gamespot, rated the game 9/10 for stunning scenes and a life-like experience getting to know Trico and the boy. It mentions that Trico doesn’t learn exactly what you want, when you want. But it helps build the relationship as you work through these issues.

Metacritic gives it a metascore of 82% and a user score of 8.2 out of 10. Overall, people enjoy the graphics and the imaginary world, but are sometimes frustrated by the camera issues.

Sony permanently dropped the price in February from $60 down to $40. The game is available to purchase on Playstation 4 and locally at game shops like GameStop.