School Celebrates General Darby’s 106th Birthday!!


Yadira, Reporter

Throughout the years Darby Junior High School has been celebrating their most important event or day at Darby. This year we celebrate William O’ Darby’s birthday. Student council students, teachers, and speakers are all excited to get to be a part of Darby’s birthday on February 8th.

Jody Presson, 9th grade civics teacher, says, “This brings rememberance of our namesake. Students from Darby will learn pride in the history of our school.”

Kennet Girdley, Student Council adviser at Darby, says, “This is William O. Darby’s 106th birthday. It’s a great way to celebrate another year and to see the progress of the school.”

Girdley believes students will learn leadership skills and how much things change each year.

“Student Council students will learn the importance of planning, presenting, and being role models for the school,” she says.

Carla Hernandez and Violet Seda, 9th grade Darby students say that they enjoy learning about Darby and want to learn even more, because Darby was a lot of history and legends.  They both would love to learn more about Darby’s special day.

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2016 there will be an assembly held in the auditorium for everyone to attend and celebrate William O. Darby’s birthday. Jackson King, the class president is speaking for the second time this year. The special guest will be Command Seargent Major Charles Baldridge. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has received a number of awards and decorations, including being a member of the 1st Batalion Rangers. Previous guests have left hats, coins, and shirts as gifts for the school.