Darby Couple Gives Relationship Advice



Maria Abeyta and Elmer Ruiz have been together for almost a year.

Yadira, Reporter

During the teen years, most people start exploring relationships. They begin expressing their feelings to someone else that is special to them or means a lot for them. This can lead to a relationship whether it’s a bad or a good one.

In Darby Junior High, many couples end up separating from each other for many reasons. Sometimes others actually do last.

Maria Abeyta and Elmer Ruiz, 9th graders, think that being in a relationship has an affect on their education. “My relationship affects my education in a good way. [Ruiz] motivates me to do good in school and be successful. He motivated me to improve my grades,” says Abeyta.

Ruiz says, “Because of her (Abeyta), I want a good education, to have a good job and a good future.”

They both told us their opinions and tips on how to maintain a good relationship.

Ruiz says, ”A relationship should be like being with the person that makes you the happiest, encourages, motivates, and helps you do better in school and in life so you can succeed in the future. That person should always be a great impact in your life and change it in a good way.”

“Don’t let other people or any rumors ruin or affect your relationship. Don’t give up and keep on fighting for your relationship. Be loyal and apreciate all the things that person has done for you. Arguments will sometimes happen, but try your best to not cause them to happen,” says Ruiz.

Abeyta believes that being in a relationship is a good thing because you have someone to motivate you. She says, “If you feel like the world is against you, just remember that you have a boyfriend who will always be by your side, no matter what.”

Cheating can be very harmful to a relationship. Abeyta says, “If you get into a relationship with someone you love, why would you cheat? Always be honest to your boyfriend or girlfriend. I have learned to never try to push away my boyfriend. Many girls push them away because of their past. He will feel like he did something wrong or feel like you’re giving up on him. Always stay committed to him and only him.”