Battlefield 1: Review

Battlefield 1: Review

Jacob, Reporter

As you may know a new Battlefield (Battlefield 1) will be coming out October 21st. The confusingly named Battlefield 1 follows the previous Battlefield 4. The open beta ended last week allowing a few people to try out the game before the release. I was one of those people.

As a Counter Strike fan I never enjoyed the Battlefield franchise. To me it got stale after Battlefield 2. However, with the new Battlefield set in World War I, it brings a fresh new take to the Battlefield universe.

Very few games venture to play during the Great War, simply because the weapons and machines were not as advanced (and therefore not as fun to use). Battlefield 1, however, proves to be extremely fun and handles well.

The mechanics of the game have changed enough to keep if fresh while staying close to home so it can be recognized as a Battlefield game.

The game is not all perfect however, there were some network issues (i.e. lag, rubberbanding). Also the light vehicles seem to be slightly over powered. The graphics are nothing too crazy (in the beta version. Rumors of better graphics in the full release may be true). All in all, the game is a solid 8.8/10.

Battlefield 1 retails for $60 and is available for PS4, Xbox One, and (for best graphics and play) PC.