Review of NBA2K17

Review of NBA2K17

Anthony, Reporter

NBA2K17 is a fantastic game with great graphics. Multiple critics have described it as having the best franchise mode in sports video games. It has a great story line for career mode.

NBA2K17 is a simulation game that teaches what it takes to really play in the NBA. It’s not just a game, you actually learn from playing it.


There are some new additions to the game this year, like a new face scan, more shoes, and a new story line to career mode.

First, the face scan is an app on the phone and the app is free. It allows you to upload your own face to a player in the game.

Next, there are 300 new shoes available, all scanned to make them look more real.

And finally, the new story line in career mode is all about you, like what you tell your player to say will decide what will happen.

NBA2K17 was released on September 20th for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and 4, and XBox One and 360. The face scan app is available for Android and iOS.