Darby Cheerleaders are #Unsatisfied


Cheerleaders at Darby Junior High work very hard. They show up at every game. They do what they are supposed to do. They manage to get good grades and be a cheerleader! Still, their motto is #Unsatisfied, because they want to always work to be better.

The 2016-2017 Darby Cheer Squad.

Mr. Jody Presson is a cheer coach for Darby. He got involved with Darby cheer because he got asked to work here. He was a cheerleader himself in college. He has been teaching cheer here for 5 years. The top 3 qualities he looks for at cheerleading tryouts are a good attitude, good work, and talent. Presson makes the cheerleaders learn the routine, practice a lot, and build confidence. He says cheerleaders are important to the football games, because it keeps the crowd engaged. He says they practice about 15 hours a week.

Caroline King is a Darby cheerleader. She mostly practices in the tornado shelter, sometimes outside, and sometimes in the boys gym. King says they have one routine prepared for competition. They have two fundraisers planned for this year, which are popcorn and raffle tickets. King says a bunch of people think cheerleaders barely practice, but they take their work very seriously. She says if a person makes a little mistake, like being in the wrong spot then they have to do the routine over, because they need to be great.

Xandria Hutson is also a Darby cheerleader. She practices after school in the tornado shelter. Competitions are scheduled for October and November. The fundraisers that she will be doing are popcorn, and bake sales. The money will go to cheer funds and competitions. “Cheerleading is very important,” Hutson says. The routines that they do are dance, tumbling, pyramids, stunts, adarbys-cheerleadersnd a cheer.

Jayla Alston is a cheer manager at Darby. She says she always watched the cheerleaders and thought they were amazing, but did not try out, because she was clumsy. Her responsibilities are to make sure the girls have everything for practice and performances. Alston says Darby cheer is very important; it helps the girls stay out of trouble, maintain good grades, and gives the students something to enjoy watching at pep rallies. She spends 4 hours a day and 3 times a week doing her job.