Darby Ranger Plays for All Three Teams

Darby Ranger Plays for All Three Teams

Mrs. Shaffer

Will, Reporter

Most players only play up for one team. Many players don’t play up at all. But that is not the case for 7th grader, Isaiah Releford. He plays up for two teams and plays in his own grade. Which means, he plays for three teams every week. Not many people can do that.

The Ranger met up with Isaiah Releford, and asked about the change of grades and cities. “There’s a big difference going from sixth to seventh grade, and in Springdale, we had nine classes.” Although he said it’s big change, he seems to be fitting right in and his teammates seem to love him.

img_2956Mrs. Shaffer

“The teammates really seem to respect him in the huddle, and other places,” said 7th grade quarterback, Jett Frazier. “He really does boost the team’s confidence.”

“It’s good to know that we are on the same team, so I don’t have to get hit by him,” said 7th grade reciever, Davon Solomon.

All in all, this kid has talent that he is using quite well. At this moment, he has led the seventh grade black team to an amazing start going 4-0. Lets hope that they make the school proud and bring home a City Championship.