Ranger Recon – What is it?

Ranger Recon - What is it?

Jacob, Reporter

The morning announcements frequently mention Ranger Recon, but many Darby students do not know what it is really about. Contrary to popular belief, it is much more than just after-school care.

It is almost like a tutoring session some days. If you are struggling with homework or a particular skill, you can get help understanding it, and do any unfinished work without having to take it home.

The program is not all work, however. Ranger Recon takes trips to go skating and do many in school activities. Some examples of this are: making bracelets and other crafts, and just hanging out talking to friends and having a snack.

Ranger Recon doesn’t stop when school is out, either. Ms. Maleb Kelley said, “We also take trips during the summer. Last summer we went to Lake fort smith.”

If any of this interests you, consider joining! It is free and all you have to do is go in the office and ask Ms. Kelley for an application.  Ms. Kelley is in charge of the continuation of Ranger Recon.