Review of Suicide Squad


Jimmy, Reporter

This is a review of Suicide Squad. In my attempt to think of how to say how amazing that I thought it was, I interviewed a couple people.

The first person I interviewed was Malea Harrison, an eighth grader who, if you ask her, will tell you that she has seen it five times. She told me that “It was amazing and I liked how they did Harley and Joker’s relationship because it wasn’t abusive like it was in the comics.” Harrison gave it an 85% because, “there wasn’t enough Joker.”

The second person that I interviewed was Julia Riviera, another 8th grader, and she told me that she “…greatly enjoyed the character design and the overall plot.” She also said that “If I had the chance, I would definitely go see it again.” Riviera gave it an 80% because she thinks that “there should have been a bit more explanation on the backstories.”

Also, I looked online at Rotten Tomatoes and they gave it a 26%, but the audience gave it a 67%. In my opinion, both 26 and 67% are way too low a rating for a movie as grand as Suicide Squad.

I think that this new movie from the DC Extended Universe, or the DCEU, is the best one so far. I like how they made a movie centered around the villains, instead of just around the heroes. I also liked how they gave the background of each villain, so you understood who they were and why they did the things they did. I can’t say it will be the best one ever because coming up is going to be, just to name a few,  Doctor Strange, Justice League, Suicide Squad 2, and Man of Steel 2. So far Suicide Squad is the best, in my opinion.