New Teacher Profile: Ms. Humphrey



Ms. Kim Humphrey joins the Darby staff, teaching Career Development.

Malea, Reporter

Ms. Kim Humphrey is a new teacher at Darby Jr High School, however she is not new at teaching. She has taught for 26 years, most recently at Ballman Elementary before coming here.

She grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas and graduated from Northside High School. College is when she first decided she wanted to be a teacher.

“I would have to say my favorite thing at Darby is the students,” says Ms. Humphrey.

She teaches Career Development. Her class is required for all 8th graders, to help them understand different jobs and the education needed for a better career. Although she has been teaching for a while, her eventual goal is to work in administration.

She believes her greatest challenge is when her students don’t believe in themselves because that can become life’s hardest obstacle.

“I hope my students learn that if they make connections and work hard anything is possible,” says Ms. Humphrey.