all about FBLA this year

all about FBLA this year

Jesse, Reporter

Students who are interested in a career in business, or in owning their own business one day, can learn more about the skills needed in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

FBLA is a very active organization at Darby. “Each year FBLA has the following events,” says Mrs. Heather Rincon, co-adviser of FBLA, “The Fall Leadership Conference, job shadowing, industry visits, fundraising, the spring competition, Spring Leadership Conference, and the Arkansas Naturals Career Day.

The first event of this year is the fall conference on Wednesday, October 5th. “The Fall Conference is a beginning-of-the-year kickoff for our conference. We have a District business meeting, officer inductions, student FBLA competition and a motivational speaker,” says Rincon.

During the year, students will also be involved in job shadowing, where they follow a business person throughout their day, learning the real skills needed for that job. Industry visits also take students out into the community, to visit local businesses and see how they are run.

“FBLA provides leadership skills to students as well as awareness about work ethic and how they apply to their future career,” says Rincon.

Fundraisers are held at different times during the year to help pay for transportation and conference expenses. Typical fundraisers are selling chocolate, scented candles, or other items.

Mrs. Rincon said, “FBLA builds character and self-confidence by allowing students to exercise their independence, be competitive using business skills, and learn the ins and outs of dressing in a business manner.” Those are the responsibilities of being in FBLA.
The various trips and activities teach students how important it is in business to be a part of the community. “It allows students to learn how to network as they meet other students, teachers and business leaders from their community and surrounding communities.” Networking is an important business skill.
Look for some Darby FBLA members to be business leaders in the future.