End of the Year Orchestra Concert


Gabrel Colpitts, Journalist

The end of they year concert for orchestra is slowly, but surely making its way towards us. The concert will be on Wednesday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m.; featuring more than just our Darby Orchestra.

Coming from Northside Highschool, a drummer and a few violinists to help  play along with the advanced orchestra in their pieces. The drummer will play in two of the songs, Hello and Theme of Game of Thrones. While the violinists will only be participating along in Theme of Game of Thrones.

“I’m anticipating how we will sound when it comes to the concert,” says Amanda Steffy, the concert master of Darby’s advanced orchestra, “I’m just afraid that we’ll get lost, because during practices we have to play the pieces thou roughly twice just to sound moderately good.”

At the concert there will be a short fun awards ceremony. Some awards that are going to be awarded include: Most Improved, Student Director, Best Player, Most Obnoxious, Most Talkative, and Most Positive. These awards are all student voted, and are always out of pure joy, nothing negative.

“I hope the song selections feel exciting, especially seeing the high school play on the same night!” Says Mr. Relland. “The concert means saying goodbye to those students moving on to a different school through graduation.”