Welcome Back Coach Fitzgerald

Dr. McKinney (left), Coach Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Manley.

Erica Garcia

Dr. McKinney (left), Coach Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Manley.

Erica Garcia, Reporter

Darby Junior High welcomes back Coach Christopher Fitzgerald.

Coach Fitzgerald decided to come back to Darby because he had a great six years here before he moved to Trinity Junior, High School. He also missed Darby while he was at Trinity. He missed some of the friendships he made with faculty, students, and administration.

Coach Fitzgerald moved to Trinity because he had the opportunity to move into administration as the Athletic Director and Assistant Principal. Coach Fitzgerald already had this goal set early in his career in education.

Dr. Darren McKinney, Darby’s principal, has known Coach Fitzgerald since high school. “Coach Fitzgerald brings athletic knowledge, and works well with the coaches and students,” said Dr. McKinney.

Coach Fitzgerald took the place of Coach Greg Scott who transferred to Northside High School and Coach Jeremy Branch who transferred to Trinity.

Darby assistant principal Mrs. Amy Manley said Coach Fitzgerald is always positive. “Coach Fitz is very student focused,” said Mrs. Manley.

Connor Chavis, a student on the Darby football team, says, “Coach Fitzgerald is rather assertive, and doesn’t like saying things twice when he’s coaching.” Chavis enjoys how much effort and dedication Coach Fitzgerald has for the team and the school. “I respect Coach Fitzgerald’s manners when he’s coaching and he may freak out when you get out of line just to put you back in line.”

Coach Fitzgerald future plans are that he would like to finish out his teaching/coaching career at Darby. “Darby has three times the student population, because Trinity only has 200 students.” Also he likes the diversity, caring, and friendly faculty, staff and administration and said the students are amazing.

He became a coach because after he finished being a collage athlete, he wanted to continue to coach the  football he loves, and he loves being a role model to help students become athletes. But he also liked it at Trinity because he made a lot of relationships with students, faculty and teachers. Coach Fitzgerald loves his job because he likes coming to work with students from diverse backgrounds, and the great supporters like the faculty, staff, and administration.

So if you ever see him around school welcome him back!