New Coach, New Team


Ms. Peer and the 2015 Lady Rangers Volleyball team.

Henry Hernandez and Jamarri Freeman

Ms. Cassie Peer, a math teacher for Darby Junior High, is the new volleyball coach for 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Coach Peer said that the team prepares before each game.  “We warm up a little, and go over a game plan.” She also said that they have been practicing since August.

Coach Peer has been interested in volleyball for a long time. When asked what made her want to coach, she smiled and said, “I always liked to play sports, I just want to pass on my knowledge to the youth of our community.”  Peer likes to make herself an example to follow, not only in the class room but also on the volleyball court.

The volleyball team this year is struggling more than last year’s team, and Coach Peer knows it. She tells us it is because of lack of effort and experience. She is not new to coaching volleyball. Peer was an assistant coach to Coach Joni Thomas last year.

She loves teaching math just as much as coaching. What is the difference between being a coach and being a teacher? “In coaching you have to be able to explain things a little bit better, because in volleyball you have to demonstrate the motions and in math you have to think what to say and not give the wrong directions.”

Darby athletics is very happy to have Coach Peer to lead the volleyball program. She wants her player to show everyone that, “RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!”