Friends at School, Opponents on the Field

Two Darby students play soccer for different high schools

Andrew Naranjo, Reporter

Two female Darby athletes are already competing at the high school level. They are playing soccer, but not for the same team.

Anna Ybarra and Candy Sifuentes are both members of Fort Smith high school soccer teams, Ybarra at Northside and Sifuentes at Southside. Ybarra is Northside’s goal keeper while Sifuentes plays multiple positions at Southside including midfield, right and left linebacker, and defense.

Ybarra said the skills needed for a good goal keeper were “diving, punting, and kicking.” Ybarra practices with the Northside teams, junior varsity and varsity, every day from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

“It’s been a hard season but we are managing to get through it,” Ybarra said when asked how Northside’s season has been so far.

Ybarra doesn’t worry about playing time, even though she is a freshman, on a team with 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. “The grade doesn’t matter, it depends on how good you are.” Sifuentes says it is a little different at Southside. “Freshmen get 1o minutes, while high school players get 20 minutes of playing time.”

The skills needed to make the Southside soccer team, according to Sifuentes, are “knowing how to pass, kick, and have good communication.” Their practice schedules are Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays. “We aren’t doing so well, we haven’t won a game yet,” said Sifuentes.

Both Ybarra and Sifuentes will start school next year with an advantage – already having some older friends. “All of the girls (on the team) are really sweet and nice, says Sifuentes.

Ybarra and Sifuentes are both students at Darby Junior High and are good friends but will face each other May 8, 2015 in the final game of the season, Northside versus Southside. “I feel excited to go against her because they are Northside’s biggest rival,” said Ybarra.

Sifuentes isn’t so happy. “It sucks, because you are going against someone you go to school with and that’s your friend.”

The final game will be at the Mayo-Thompson stadium at Northside High School, Friday, May 8th, beginning at 3:30. Both the junior varsity and varsity teams will play.