Positive early reviews for The Ranger


Montrez Mister

Since the Darby newspaper has been changed from print to online, the newspaper staff has been getting good responses. For a newspaper that has just started, this is a great way to help the staff improve while figuring everything out. These responses have also encouraged the staff to strive for excellence.

“This is one of the best newspapers ever!” said Mrs. Chris McDaniel. “The look is amazing and the articles are designed and written so well.” This excitement brings the Ranger staff excitement.

Even students are commenting on the news site. “It is a much better way and a much reusable way (to deliver the news),” said Laura Raymundo. You can delete stories and add in new stories any day so that people don’t have to wait months for a new newspaper.

People were even commenting on certain stories. “Mr. Smith was definitely one of my favorite teachers,” said former Darby Junior High student Summer Rodriguez on the story “Darby Staff Veteran.”

In my opinion, I think that The Ranger online is better than the print newspaper because it gets updated quicker, it looks better in design, and you get to see people’s comments and that makes you feel great.