Are Yo Mama Jokes Really That Bad?

Destiny Sims, Reporter

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As the new year came in, so did new jokes. But students have gone back to a very popular, yet offensive, kind of jokes: Yo Mama Jokes.  Most people would find these very inappropriate but some students are thinking differently.

Tobias Releford, 9th, says “It all depends on your tone of voice and like, the way you say it. People will take it offensively if like, you say it sarcastically.”  Many people take it as an insult toward their mothers and it results in dislike, arguments, and even violence. “The best ones are the ‘Yo Mama So Poor’ ones. But it is kind of offensive, cause like, what if that person and their family are really poor?” said Gustavo Tinajero, 9th.

Sy Taylor, 9th, thinks that they are inappropriate.” They’re funny and stuff but no one wants to be the laughing at someone’s mom. That could cause drama, you know?” In the end, we all have opinions. Some of us believe ‘Yo Mama  Jokes’ are rude but others think they’re funny.