PARCC testing


PARCC testing will be held in the library and computer labs, like Ms. Rincon's room, above.

Erica Estrada, Reporter

PARCC testing is a new testing program that has been introduced to us this year. We are going to take it instead of the Benchmark. Many students have a lot of questions about PARCC testing and feel worried about this new testing system. They feel worried because they are used to using pencil and paper instead of being on a computer.

Some student questions are: Is it going to be easier? What if I do badly on the test? What if I don’t have enough time to finish? Students seem to be stressing out more than they should but this new testing system seems so confusing.

Teachers will have to be pulled out of their classroom to go to a room where students are testing and their students will do nothing but watch movies in the auditorium.

I think the PARCC test will be more difficult for us students. I think this because we are used to taking the Benchmark every year ever since we were little. Also because there are many parts to the test and you have to answer them in complete sentences and show all your work or your answer will be incorrect.

Daisy Ortega, 8th grader, also agrees with me. She said, “I find it more difficult because it’s on a computer rather than pencil and paper.”

I hope everyone does well on the PARCC test and I also hope that we only take the PARCC test this year and never again. The Arkansas House of Representatives said that they might discard it and we might not take the PARCC test next year. I think students and teachers will be pleased if they do discard it because some students need pencil and paper to do well on a test or in general because they might find it hard using a computer.