Rangers Win 7th Grade City Championship


The Darby Rangers 7th grade basketball won the City Championship in a close game against Kimmons Junior High on Saturday, February 7th.

Montay Parks, who led the way for the Rangers said “It was tough, but I knew that we wasn’t going (to lose).”

“It was anybody’s game coming into the 4th, whoever had the most heart would pull it out,” said Coach Greg Scott.

It’s clear that Darby has had a good team over the years, but just could never get over the hump. The last few years the Rangers been right there but this year, they were able to pull it out by one point!

Darby has been considered a good sports program but going against Kimmons was always a rivalry for 50 years now.  Coach Scott has been successful using the coaching routines he started out with.

“I’ve had some real good teams in my career at Darby,” said Scott. “Some of them falling apart due to some selfishness from other players, and I never really had any of that on this championship team. Never.”

It’s great to know that Darby has a successful program. Here’s hoping we have many more to come.