Review of La Huerta Mexican Grill

Review of La Huerta Mexican Grill

Andrew Naranjo, Reporter

La Huerta is one of the best Mexican grills my family and I have been to. Their food is delicious from their salsa dip to their quesadillas. The waiters provide excellent service and the cooks make some of the most amazing food I have tasted. Their restaurant is always full with hungry customers; it is never empty.

La Huerta’s decoration is beautiful. The art on the tables, sculptures, and chairs make you feel like you are in a Latin country. They have delicious food that’ll make your taste buds want more. They have dozens of beverages that will refresh your mouth, from Coke and Sprite to 21 and over drinks. When you first arrive they ease your appetite by serving you chili salsa with nacho chips, or you could order cheese dip instead of chili salsa. They’ll keep giving you salsa until your food is brought to you.chips salsa

Their carne asada quesadilla with rice and beans is an amazing plate to eat while there. The quesadilla is supersized compared to a homemade one. The rice is very good and will have you wanting more. I’m not a big beans fan but the beans are also quite delicious. Now all of that on one big plate with a drink, yum! Especially since their food isn’t as expensive as other restaurants.

La Huerta Mexican Grill has four locations: on 5511 Towson Ave., 400 Garrison Ave., 5605 Rogers Ave., and 3501 Old Greenwood Rd.